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Meet our Mindfulness Team UK.

We work across Britain, delivering courses, training, workshops, retreats and as keynote speakers.



Sue Haswell, founder member of the Mindfulness team UK,  is a qualified Mindfulness Trainer, Coach, Stress Management Consultant (ILM and SMS qualified) and Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Through years of experience and her own meditation and mindfulness practice, she has developed a unique and richly relaxing blend of wellbeing and stress management which brings together a number of practices from Laughter YogaSue Haswell Founder of Mindfulness Team UK, Meditation and mindfulness.

As well as Mindfulness, Sue is a trainer in Emotional Intelligence and is EQi 2.0 qualified, she is also a qualified DiSC practitioner.

Supporting people to understand their emotional intelligence and behavioural traits means she encourages her clients to learn and adopt mindfulness techniques. Sue is keen to bring mindfulness into every element of her life and work – and through that to bring it to everyone she is in contact with.  She loves showing people how they can support themselves by seperating out their beliefs and thoughts, and gain more understanding on how both beliefs and thoughts are driving actions – which may often not be productive or work out so well.

“Like everyone, I have a busy life, I’ve run my own business since 1997, balanced it with bringing up a family, and worked on a number of community campaigns including sustainability and protecting green spaces (one of which resulted in me standing in the General Elections) and throughout that time, I have endured plenty of moments of stress.  Mindfulness and Laughter have been key elements in my life that have kept me on an even keel”

Sue’s work in Mindfulness means she is often in demand by individuals, local businesses and organisations.  She often delivers bespoke training for stressed out executives and employees, and runs mindfulness retreats in Devon for people to get a taster of mindfulness, or go deeper into their own practice.

“It is a real pleasure to work with clients to support them not only in their communications challenges, but also in their personal success plans.  I use a range of techniques, including Mindfulness, visualisation, humour, coaching and even EFT to support my clients.”

Sue is also a trainer for Big Results Training  and Creative Laughter and she delivers courses throughout the UK to support individual wellbeing and emotional resilience.

Contact:  sue@mindfulness-uk.co.uk, 01626 864458





Annie Parry

Annie Parry is also a member of Mindfulness Team UK, she’s a movement and mindfulness trainer, transpersonal psychotherapist, facilitator and coach.

In addition to many years of performance, including coaching performers, she is occupied with her 1-1 transformational Mindfulness training; she is a Certified FEBI and EFT practitioner and offers many years expertise in body/mind integration for optimised performance.

“My work as ever, covers a wide spectrum and includes a diversity of wonderful human beings ranging from people seeking spiritual direction, meditation and Healing, through to leadership coaching within mainstream organisations. Whatever conditions and events have brought you to read this page… You are welcome.”

More about Annie

After Annie completed her professional dance training she worked for a decade in the theatre world and then, always interested in what makes people tick and with an optimistic view of the universe as a benign and generous entity her exploration continued.

She developed workshops for healing the body-mind spirit dichotomies and was instrumental in designing a purpose built studio in Northern France as a centre for the development of Sacred Arts.

During this time she also tutored on the BA performing Arts program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, teaching young Israeli soldiers Classical ballet and living alongside Palestinian students and listening to their stories in the evenings over supper.

Upon leaving the performing and teaching world of theatre, Annie returned to the UK with a commitment to prioritizing inner and outer congruence, attentive to dissolving the violence of ‘us and them’ duality. She worked with young adults struggling with self harm and suicidal behaviors’ for ten years, evoking their own unifying inner strength through respect, compassion and pragmatism.

While contemplating writing her first book, Annie continues to give the highest value in all her diverse work to facilitating the undercurrents of emotional, spiritual and intellectual freedom, as she holds the view that this mindful attentiveness ignites compassionate living.
Annie has tutored and supervised at foundation level, BA, Bed. and Masters degrees at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Middlesex University, Goldsmiths, London, Glyndwr University and Worcester University, and trained health professionals in embodied presence