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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching can introduce you to mindfulness, it can support your own existing mindfulness practice, or it can be purely coaching, with n introduction to the benefits and wisdom of having a closer, more understanding relationship with yourself.

Sue Haswell offers coaching support, using a range of techniques, from Emotional Intelligence (EQI) DiSC, and Mindfulness.  She is a qualified Master Practitioner NLP, and a qualified EFT practitioner. Sue is also a Growth Accelerator coach for the government Growth Accelerator project, and a Solution-focused coach.

Outdoors mindfulness coaching

Credit: Unsplash, Harli Marten.

Mindfulness Coaching – it’s not only for times of stress:

Sue has experience in coaching for growing businesses, and supporting business owners to make the required changes for corporate growth, expansion or diversion.

Walking coaching, seated coaching.

Sue offers a full range of ways to experience coaching, from a typical one-to-one coaching session, to walking coaching, and even coaching via Skype.

Coaching helps you to get a true understanding of your own situation, your strengths and opportunities and, if you wish, means you have someone to hold you to account.

The Mindfulness Mirror

Often coaching is like someone holding a mirror up to you.  An opportunity to gain a perspective of yourself that perhaps you will have missed otherwise.  The combination of coaching along with mindfulness coaching techniques means that  you will be challenged about your current beliefs about yourself – you wil get an opportunity to test and question yourself and your actions, with an empathetic coach, in time that is held “for you”.

Space and time, to reflect and be

In today’s busy environment it is rare that we get “clear” time to ourselves.  Precious time that we could use for strategic planning, personal achievements, clarity or just to be kind to ourselves, is so often eaten up by the demands of 24/7 worklife demands.  A mindfulness coaching session will help to teach you the benefits of mindfulness, give you the time for yourself, and most importantly it will hold you to account, ensuring that you invest in yourself emotionally and with full presence.

Coaching tools:

You may wish to incorporate a greater understanding of your personality, behavioural traits or emotional intelligence in your coaching session.  Sue can offer you DiSC, EQi 2.0, EQi 360, or Enneagram as a supplementary route to gain a greater understanding of yourself and your needs.

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