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Mindfulness at a distance

A variety of options for those who would like to access Mindfulness but who are not able to attend regular sessions:

1. We offer Mindfulness Telephone sessions for those who are currently ‘off sick,” or rehabilitating, from illness or stress and will benefit greatly from receiving these nurturing strengthening techniques whilst at home.

2. Distance training; Eight regular telephone sessions integrated into your daily life. Particularly suitable for those with full diaries or simply geographically at a distance therefore unable to travel.

3. Mindfulness 8-week training programme, either individual or group programmes, face to face delivery.

Taster Introductory sessions for your team or company can be offered within our locality by arrangement.


To access Mindfulness at a Distance, please email:  info@mindfulness-uk.com to set up appropriate sessions.

For individual telephone participants, Skype is recommended for Week One of the programme to meet and form our foundational connection, however this is not essential, a photograph is sufficient.