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Like walking barefoot, step by step, experiencing each quiver of the planks. Watching the water ripple, the moonlight glitters. A a fish jumps, an owl calls.
Stillness of the breath, world stopping for a moment, living in the now. The breath. There is only now. And the breathing.
Mindfulness means not worrying about when the rain stops, but enjoying the beauty of a rainstorm right now.
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Mindfulness is...

  • Mindfulness is both a science and an art. Numerous studies have shown that Mindfulness, the practice, can reduce stress levels and allow us, as individuals, to connect with our own happiness. The very thing that stress disconnects us from.

  • Although the ancients knew that mindfulness was good for them, today we are ever-more able to study mindfulness and the benefits. New technologies and emerging opportunities give us the possibility of really getting to grips with the science behind the experience

Mindful Elements